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2006 National 100

McDowell Wins National 100 at East Alabama
By Jay Vaquer
Phenix City, ALA - November 5, 2006 - The 32nd Annual National 100 at East Alabama Motor Speedway, like a fine wine, just keeps getting better and better with age. This year's 4 day event with nine divisions, culminated the 2006 racing season with one of most spectacular Super Late Model events ever. When track specialist and CEO Billy Thomas decided to cut a steeper angle on the banks of the 3/8 mile clay oval, he expected more competition on the upper grooves. However, he, along with the thousands of fans and hundreds of drivers, was pleasantly surprised at the increase in track speeds. Forthwith unheard of, nine of the top ten Super Late Model qualifiers broke the 15 second barrier while the track's record of 14.52, held by 8 time champion Scott Bloomquist was broken twice. Shane Clanton of Locust Grove, GA turned in a 14.51 and Chris Madden, from Gaffney, SC set the new track record and won the pole for the feature with a blistering 14.48 second lap. As a full moon rose in the clear Alabama sky, the green flag dropped on the main event. Madden fired first but was slow getting out of the gates as Clanton took the lead going into turn one and Dale McDowell followed him around Madden to take second place. The full field of 26 cars shook the earth as they unleashed the thousands of horsepower down the front straight. Clint Smith, Brandon Register, and Scott Bloomquist ran three wide through turns 2, 3 and 4. By lap 4 Clanton and McDowell were putting a lap on Mike Head. When they came up on Ronnie Martin, who was off the pace, Clanton and William Thomas bumped briefly which caused Martin to spin to a stop bringing out the yellow flag caution. Clanton sustained minor body damage and lined back up at the lead for the Alabama double file restart. This time Madden outran McDowell to turn one to take the second place spot. Bloomquist, who started in 22nd because he arrived on Sunday, missing the qualifying on Saturday night, but dramatically went from last to first in the consi-race Sunday morning, was on a run as he passed Dennis Erb, JR from Carpentersville, IL to move into 15th. Ronnie Johnson, the Chattanooga Flash, shot by Jake Knowles as he was also coming to the front. Just as Clanton hit the lap traffic, Dewayne Johnson lost power and coasted to a stop in turn two to bring out the lap 14 caution flag. Mike Head and Dewayne Johnson rolled into the pits as the green was back out. Local hero Dana Eiland fired in turn three and broke in turn four spinning to a stop bringing the caution back out and he rolled into the pits smoking. The green was back out and former National 100 champion Randle Chupp, from Troutman, NC sped past Johnny Cloer,JR and now had to do battle with the Flash. As if this wasn't enough excitement, Clint Cat Daddy Smith and Bloomquist were going at it door to door for the eleventh spot. The crowd got a chance to breathe when Jack Pennington broke to bring out the lap 30 caution. William Thomas dove into the pits with a flat during this caution. On this restart Cloer spun out in turn 2 and collided with incumbent Champ Rick Eckert. Eckert slipped away but Cloer blocked the track and the melee ensued as they piled up behind him. Ronnie Johnson got t-boned hard. Eric Jacobsen, who came all the way from Santa Cruz, California for the event spun to a stop with the Flash. With some many cars involved the red flag was displayed while the ambulance attended the Flash, who appeared to have suffered a fractured arm. Johnson walked to the ambulance and was whisked away to the trauma center for x-rays and most all of the cars went to the pits. Unfortunately, Johnny Cloer and team mate Clint Cat Daddy Smith's cars were both pronounced DOA in the pits and forced into early retirement with DNFs. Only 16 cars were able to respond to the green flag and Shane Clanton was still in the lead and dominating. Clanton and Madden pulled away from McDowell and Eckert running third and fourth who were pulling away from the rest of the field. William Thomas fired his afterburners on his JW Miller Land and Timber Rocket chassis Monte Carlo and blasted by John Blankenship of Williamson, WV on lap 38 to move into 13th. Ricky Williams was trying to hang with Thomas but has having trouble getting around Blankenship. On lap 42, Clanton and Madden put a lap on Jacobson as they were still turning in 15- second laps. Scott Bloomquist was unsuccessfully working his psychology on Chupp looking for a pass when William Thomas caught up with Bloomer and was waiting for an opportunity to pass them both. Clanton hit the lap traffic again and all the leaders bunched up behind him. Then Jake Knowles went off the backstretch and brought out a yellow. Knowles, Vic Hill, and Terrence Nowell all went to the pits. Then Madden had a flat and had to go to the pits and the line up shifted. The leaders, in order, were Clanton, McDowell, Eckert, Steve Francis from Ashland, KY, Petey Ivy, Erb, Chupp, and Bloomquist. Clanton and McDowell distanced themselves from the pack. Then the moonlight madness began having its weird effect on the racers as Ivey had a flat and went to the pits. Then Jacobson's left rear tire was about to wobble off and he went to the pits. At lap 58 the top ten contenders were; Clanton, McDowell, Eckert, Francis, Erb, Chupp, Bloomquist, Thomas, Williams, and Knowles. The green flag was out and Francis, Thomas, and Chupp found themselves three wide. Madden, who was coming back from the rear found out it was no picnic trying to pass Ricky Williams who was still trying to pass Thomas. Then on lap 67 Williams went to the inside of Thomas and made the pass. When Madden followed him past in turn 4 it was obvious Thomas had developed a mechanical problem. Chupp also slowed to a stop in the groove and brought out the yellow. He went to the pits, changed a tire and came back out for the restart. Bloomquist got a great restart and powered his way into 4th at lap 71. Now Eckert had a rear view mirror full of the number 0 barreling down on him. Hill put a pass on Chupp to move into 7th place on lap 75, which was the cut off point for the Alabama Double File restart. Now all restarts would be single file. Clanton, McDowell, Eckert, and Blooquist seemed to run even faster as they stretched out a full straight-away from Williams in fifth. Bloomquist caught up with Eckert and was getting on the inside in the turns but Eckert was great off the corners and escaped down the straights. Suddenly Francis had a flat and spun off the back to bring out a caution on lap 89. On the single file restart Ivey was charging hard and bumped into Thomas which forced Nowell off the track and the yellow was back out. Ivey was sent to the rear of the cars on the lead lap and the green was back out. As they reached turn one Nowell did a bump and run on Thomas and passed only to find himself off the back stretch and then stuck on the top of turn three. During this caution the full moon lunacy was getting stronger. Suddenly Vic Hill ran out of fuel and coasted to a stop. A wrecker pushed Nowell off the top of turn three and he fired off and seemed fine. Then Knowles rolled into the pits seemingly out of fuel. Thomas's left front wheel seemed to be coming off, like a broken shock or suspension part and he rolled into the pits. Unbelievably, Shane Clanton's left rear wheel came off in turn four and he went to the pits. After changing the tire his engine would not fire as he was out of gas. He jumped out of his race car and stormed around realizing that after leading all of 93 laps, his bid for victory was over. Then Randle Chupp's wheel flew off in turn one- all this under caution was too much and since Chupp had turn one blocked with the wrecker the race was red flagged, again. But the full moon was not finished as Nowell suddenly ran out of fuel and coasted into the pits and Ricky Williams also went to the pits. When the remaining cars stopped on the front stretch the crew members started running out on the track with gas cans and air tanks and it was like a mad house trying to re-establish order. When things were about to go green again Jake Knowles rolled into the pits. Finally, lights out, green flag, and McDowell is in the lead with Eckert second and Bloomquist third. Then, with 5 laps to go, another caution fell when Vic Hill drove up the track and hit Nowell knocking him off the track. The race director made a prudent call and put both cars back where they were and went green. McDowell ran the fastest laps of his life to get to the checkers and claim the $30,000 to win, the beautiful six-foot trophy, and the honor of becoming the 32nd National 100 Champion. Rick Eckert picked up a sporty $10,000 for second place. Scott Bloomquist finished third, Chris Madden fourth, Dennis Erb JR fifth, Steve Francis sixth, Terrance Nowell seventh, Vic Hill eighth, Randle Chupp ninth, Petey Ivy tenth, and rookie William Thomas rounded out the top eleven in eleventh.

Late Model

17m - Dale McDowell
24 - Rick Eckert
0 - Scott Bloomquist
44 - Chris Madden
28 - Dennis Erb, Jr.
68 - Steve Francis
55 - Terrence Nowell
1 - Vic Hill
5 - Randle Chupp
6 - Petey Ivey
22 - William Thomas
17 - Ricky Williams
66 - Jake Knowles
23 - John Blankenship
5 - Eric Jacobsen
25 - Shane Clanton
44 - Clint Smith
5 - Ronnie Johnson
41 - Johnny Cloer, Jr.
01 - Jack Pennington
F9 - Frank Ingram
K9 - Dana Eiland
92 - Rodney Martin
45 - DeWayne Johnson
68r - Brandon Register, Jr.
54 - Mike Head


90 - Bobby Thomas
91 - Tod Darda
41 - Jordy Nipper
99 - J.R. Moseley
25 - Chad Marchman
66k - Keith Edge
11 - Stacey Roberts
K9 - Dana Eiland
27 - Larry Harrod
M2 - Tim Thomason
18 - Terrence Nowell
46 - Chris Jones
15 - Jeff Mills
01 - Bucky Gregory
60 - Leon Watson, Jr.
110 - Ricky Culpepper
94 - Jeff Robinson
66m - Max Colson
6 - Cary Seres
56 - Chad Kimble
7 - Jack Mills
17 - Parker Herring
8 - Mike Pearl

Crate Late Model

16 - Ronnie Johnson
27 - Larry Harrod
7 - Jack Mills
24 - Don Jenkins
75 - Rodney Martin
2 - Mickey Benton
14 - Jake Knowles
31 - Anthony Meadows
22 - William Thomas
K8 - Bobby Eiland
67 - Frank Ingram
10 - Jeff Culpepper
21x - Bob Robertson
4 - Brad York
16 - Jeff Fields
40 - Marvin Cook
20 - Todd Murphy
66k - Scotty Knowles
00 - Shane Thompson
00 - Chris Holmes
5b - Eric Jacobsen
17 - Larry Eldridge
58 - Larry Boutwell
55 - Steve Richardson

Super Street

1 - Monk Gulledge
1 - Gene Nasworthy
5 - Rodgerick Dykes
71 - Jimmy Maness
11 - Lynn Robbins
13 - Craig Grice
21w - Randy Woodard
22 - Danny Stroud
50 - Steven Gaines
22 - Efrem Holbrook
7 - Jack Mills
00 - Wayne Bradley
6 - Rick Stevens
9 - Johnny Tribble
10 - Hunter Peacock
25 - Josh Marchman
2 - Tim Hester
11m - Michael Queen
31 - Ethan Nipper
87 - Charlie Gushue
4 - Mike Parker
50v - Montie Vaughn
21 - Chris Nickerson


00 - Stanley Donahoo
10 - Chad Ogle
7 - Aaron Perritt
99 - Eddie Brannon
12 - Rusty Harmon
17m - Bobby Morrison
72 - Donald Parker
13 - Kelly Leonard
7 - Jeff Elliott
T55 - Lil Bill Taylor
46 - Jeff Mikkelson
12s - Tim Walker
07 - Anthony Meadows
117 - Ed Morrison
U2 - Rodney Barber
12 - Shane Bates
6 - Rusty Cooper
4 - Tony Roberson


T1 - Greg Chumley
10 - Jeff Chumley
00 - Richie Stephens
92 - Danny Earl Warren
22 - Ricky Haugen
00 - Devin Jones
13 - Craig Grice
31 - Mikey Mount
39 - Alan Franks
73 - Jason Floyd
55 - Chuck Compton
18 - Ricky Headley
99 - Randy Renfroe
7 - Roger Arnett
3 - Donnie Cheney
A18 - Mike Archer
64 - Ricky Gilmore
29 - Joey Eiland
44 - Randall Sanders
7 - Roy Jackson
39 - Allen Flournoy
21k - Don Alan Knight
91 - Tim McCurdy
47 - Jerry Luke


11 - Greg Gatlin
17 - Alton Weed
26 - Carson Fugate
J3 - John Capps III
33 - James Goff
3 - Kyle Van Sickle
07 - Franklin Long
7 - Roger McKenzie
99 - Ronnie Poole
21 - Don Don Cook
ME1 - Ed Jarvis
0 - Brad McKenzie
27 - Talmadge Simpson
14 - Anthony Craft
01 - Blake Craft
5 - Thomas Segars
07 - Chris Wilkerson
67 - Jackie Holden
74 - Gary Gunter
6 - Roger Nickerson
99 - Kenny Dobbs
9 - Perry Crowe


25 - Michael Cauley
29 - Chris Caststeel
17 - Jason Price
25 - Robbie Burt
00 - Bobby Resmondo
28 - Robert Ethridge
83 - Karl Willard
5 - Travis Barnes
69 - Stephen White
02 - Jon Cook
58 - Steve Jenson
8 - Jon Godwin
31 - James Thompson
0 - Gene Nasworthy
6 - Calvin Cook
7m - Michael Caronia
8 - Tony Head
85 - Steve McCauley
294 - John Michael
68 - Timothy Jenson
55 - Colden Vinent
27 - Jason Jones
48 - Jeff Walker
55 - Montana Dudley


18 - Paul Goodroe
0 - Jaye Hutchison
7 - Jason Floyd
58 - Jason Patrick
7b - Josh Bean
89 - Jason Howell
8 - Todd Braden
41 - Lanny Cross
33 - Trantham / Childs
8 - Brian Grantham
82 - Pappy Powell
00 - Richie Stephens
69 - Donnie Kirby
9 - Joe Busbee
7k - Jerry Lewis
56 - Jarrod Johns
51 - Bryanna Vinent
83 - Karl Willard

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